NUTN Department of Culture and Natural Resources



107學年度起入學適用                     107.4.18



Curriculum Structure of the Taiwan Culture Master's Program, Department of Culture and Natural Resources, National Tainan University

Applicable starting from the 107 academic year 107.4.18

The minimum graduation credits for masters students in this department are 32 credits, including 3 credits for compulsory courses, 6 credits for mandatory courses, and 23 credits for elective courses.

     科目中文名稱 Subject Chinese Name  科目英文名稱 Subject English Name


Study category








Core Areas of Taiwan Studies



Theory and Method Course


研究方法 Research Method 必修 3 3 碩一上
臺灣民俗文化研究理論與方法 Theory and Method:Taiwanese Customs and Culture 必選 3 3 碩一四選二
臺灣文化景觀研究理論與方法 Theory and Method:Taiwanese Cultural Landscape 必選 3 3  碩一四選二
臺灣文化資產研究理論與方法 Theory and Method:Taiwanese Cultural Resources 必選 3 3  碩一四選二
臺灣民間信仰研究理論與方法 Theory and Method:Taiwanese Folk Religion 必選  3 3  碩一四選二


 Foundation Course

臺灣史專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese History 3 3  
臺灣人文地理學專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Cultural Landscape 3 3  
宗教人類學專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Anthropology of Religion 3 3  


 Domain Course


Folk Customs and Religions in Taiwan

臺灣民間信仰與田野調查專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Folk Religion and Fieldwork 3 3  
臺灣宗教民俗史專題研究 Seminar on History of Taiwanese Customs and Religion 3 3  
臺灣道教專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Taoism 3 3  
臺灣佛教史專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese History of Taiwanese Buddhism 3 3  
臺灣基督教發展史專題研究 Seminar on History of Taiwanese Christianity 3 3  
臺灣傳統生命禮俗專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Life Customs 3 3  
臺灣齋教與鸞堂專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Folk Buddhism and Spirit Writing 3 3  


 Taiwan cultural assets

文化資產概論與法規專題研究 Seminar on Cultural Heritage and Regulations 3 3  
臺灣民居調查專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Housing Survey  3 3  
臺灣傳統建築專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Traditional Architecture 3 3  
臺灣文化景觀專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Landscape Culture 3 3  
臺灣無形文化資產專題研究 Seminar on Intangible Cultural Heritage 3 3  
臺灣國定民俗專題研究 Seminar on National Taiwanese Folk Customs 3 3  
臺灣傳統表演藝術專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Traditional Performing Arts 3 3  
臺灣傳統工藝專題研究 Seminar on Traditional Taiwanese Crafts 3 3  
區域型文化資產整合專題研究 Seminar on Regional Cultural Heritage 3 3  


Tainan Studies and Regional Studies

臺南歷史發展專題研究 Seminar on History of Tainan 3 3  
臺灣古地圖與臺南專題研究 Seminar on Taiwanese Ancient Maps 3 3  
臺南廟宇與祀神專題研究 Seminar on Temples and Gods of Tainan 3 3  
臺南平埔族專題研究 Seminar on Ping Pu Aboriginal Tribes 3 3  
臺南社會經濟史專題研究 Seminar on Economic History of Tainan 3 3  
臺南社區史與城鄉關係專題研究 Seminar on Reginal History of Tainan and Relationship of Village and City 3 3  
臺南府城古蹟專題研究 Seminar on Ancient Relics of Tainan 3 3  
村落考察與都市專題研究 Seminar on Village Survey and Urban Topics 3 3  
家族史與傳記專題研究 Seminar on Family and Biography 3 3  
飲食文化專題研究 Seminar on Food Culture  3  3