NUTN Department of Culture and Natural Resources

姓名 職稱 專長領域 E-mail 電話
Yang,Shu-Hao Adjunct assistant professor Taiwan history, Chinese history, community building
Chen,Jing-Kuan Adjunct assistant professor Taiwan history, Taiwan social and cultural history, museum planning, and collection research
Su,Hsiang-Ching Adjunct lecturer Human geography, urban geography
Chen,Hung-Tien Adjunct lecturer Local cultural history, folk beliefs, religious sightseeing
Huang,Chin-Fang Adjunct lecturer Taiwan history, guided tour
Yeh,Chun-Jung Associate professor Historical Anthropology, Han Chinese Religion, Silaya Pinpu
Chiang,Ta-Chih Associate professor History of life etiquette, Chinese ancient history
Guan,Zhi-Ming Associate professor Cultural geography, agricultural and fishery industry culture research, food culture
Lin,Meng-Hsin Adjunct assistant professor Taiwan History, Taiwan's Social Economic History, and Material Culture Studies