NUTN Department of Culture and Natural Resources

姓名 職稱 專長領域 E-mail 電話
Chiu, Li-Chuan Professor, Chair Folk religious history, social history 06-2133111#913、785
Dai, Wen-Feng Professor 、Dean、Director of Tainan Studies Center History of Taiwan 、Popular Beliefs of Taiwan 06-2133111#755、125
Chen, Kung-Hung Professor Urban-rural relations, urban planning, spatial structure theory, historic sites and cultural and creative industries, consumer culture, urban culture and regeneration 06-2133111#753
Chen, Wei-Hua Professor Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Chinese Folk Religion 06-2133111#909
Wang, Zhi-Ming Associate Professor Tourism and Recreation, Human Geography, Homeland and Landscape 06-2133111#938
Lai, Chih-Chang Associate Professor Taiwanese Architecture Heritage Conservation Taiwanese Traditional Architecture Taiwanese Housing Survey 06-2133111#628
Chen, Yi-feng Associate Professor Philosophy of Culture, Metaphysics , Epistemology 06-2133111#908
Sheen, Shaw-Wen Associate Professor Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Climatology, Environmental Changes 06-2133111#910
Chang, bo-yu Associate Professor Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Applied Geomorphology, Land Evaluation, Natural Hazards 06-2133111#960
Chang, Ching-Yi Associate Professor History of Modern Taiwan, History of Taiwan Economy, Regional History of Taiwan 06-2133111#936、139
Tsai, Mi-Hung Associate Professor、Director of the General Education Center African American History, American History 06-2133111#486、210
Lin,Chun-Yin Assistant Professor History of Cartography, Human Geography 06-2133111#915