NUTN Department of Culture and Natural Resources

姓名 Su,Hsiang-Ching
職稱 Adjunct lecturer
最高學歷 Ph.D., Department of Geography, National Kaohsiung Normal University
研究專長 Human geography, urban geography
教授課程 Taiwan Geography and Ecology

Su,Hsiang-Ching (2017). The spatial distribution of Taiwan's convenience stores and their regional differences: 1987 - 2016. Environment and the world, 32:23-60.
Su,Hsiang-Ching (2019). The north-south base peach area facilitates the accumulation of space and the coexistence of access, the environment and the world, 33, typographical.
Su,Hsiang-Ching (2019). Convenience store seating area comparison: Take the observation and study of two unified super-commerce outlets in Kaohsiung City, and study the Journal of Liberal Studies, 16, in typography.