NUTN Department of Culture and Natural Resources

姓名 Chen,Jing-Kuan
職稱 Adjunct assistant professor
最高學歷 Doctor of Literature, Department of History, National Chung Hsing University
研究專長 Taiwan history, Taiwan social and cultural history, museum planning, and collection research
教授課程 Ancient cultural relics and history, museums and cultural history marketing

Chen Jingkuan, 2009.07, "Urbanization and Social Changes in Taichung City during the Japanese Occupation Period", Ph.D Thesis, National Institute of History, National Chung Hsing University.

Chen Jingkuan, 2011, Guan Taiwan, Taichung Park historical walk: the eighth phase of the life memory of Wuweichao.

Chen Jingkuan, 2010, History Taiwan, the first issue, the facilities and urban development of the park during the Japanese occupation: Take Taichung Park as an example.

Chen Jingkuan, 2010 (Recalling the Chinese New Year behind the Diet: Collection of Food and Drinks), edited by the National Museum of Taiwan History, "Collection of Taiwan: Catalogue of Selected Works of the National Taiwan Museum of History"

Important experience:

87.07~So far, National Taiwan Museum of History, Researcher, Research Assistant, Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher
87.02~87.07 Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Department of Texture and General Studies, as a lecturer